Patient Story: Avery Clenney

BHS Clenney Brentwood Properties“Of course, just like anyone who discovers they need major surgery, especially when it involves the heart, I was apprehensive. And I wanted to know I would be operated on by the best in the business. Dr. Lewis was said to be the best, and his experience puts him at the top of his field. Now, I can say firsthand, that if you have to have heart surgery, you want to be with Dr. Lewis.

“For such a high-profile, accomplished surgeon, Dr. Lewis was very humble and caring. He immediately struck me as extremely down to earth, which put me at ease. As we talked, he gave me a detailed account of how the surgery would work and then took time to answer my questions ensuring that I was fully prepared for what was to come.

“They say you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. Dr. Lewis’s staff is first-rate. From the moment I walked into his office, then throughout the scheduling process, and into surgery day, there was not a single person who didn’t care. I was so pleased with how comfortable everyone made me feel, just how accommodating, sincere and friendly each and every staff member was. It was a completely positive experience with a wonderful outcome – a new and improved mitral valve for my heart.”

– Avery Clenney