Using Robotics in the Operating Room

The robotic da Vinci Surgical System is being used more and more to perform minimally invasive surgeries, and is proving to be especially useful and beneficial when it comes to cardiac surgery. Traditionally, heart surgery has involved quite of a lot of trauma to the body, a long and painful recovery, and considerable scarring.

The da Vinci robot is helping skilled surgeons like Dr. Clifton Lewis to minimize complications, reduce recovery time, and almost eliminate surgical scarring. reports:

For those who haven’t heard much about the robotic device, no, an autonomous robot isn’t performing the operation. A surgeon sits in a kind of booth where he or she remotely controls incredibly precise surgical instruments viewed through advanced optical tools. The tools mimic real hand movements as well or even more precisely than can be done in traditional surgery. Another surgeon is always present by the patient and ready if there is an emergency requiring a switch to open surgery.