Robotic Heart Surgery

Da Vinci Surgical System

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When you read the words “robotic heart surgery,” you might conclude that a robot will be performing the procedure. But, that’s only half right. While the da Vinci robot offers precision of movement unmatched by any human, it still must be operated by a skilled surgeon. Dr. Clifton Lewis has performed hundreds of robotic surgeries, with excellent results. Advantages of Robotic Surgery Two of the primary advantages of robot-assisted surgery are:

  1. A considerably shorter recovery time, on average; and
  2. A few small scars as compared to a long incision through the breastbone

Of course, all surgery involves risk, but robotic heart surgery may be right for you for any of several heart surgeries. FOR MORE INFORMATION, Browse this website, or CLICK HERE to contact someone in Dr. Clifton Lewis’ office. Dr. Lewis’s Profile

Minimally Invasive Procedures:

Sternotomy Procedures:

Robotic Thoracic Surgery – Typical Recovery Plan

thorax for minimal surgery

Typical minimally invasive
surgery setup.

Patient Stories

“Dr. Lewis was said to be the best, and his experience puts him at the top of his field. Now, I can say firsthand, that if you have to have heart surgery, you want to be with Dr. Lewis.”

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“Dr. Lewis put me very much at ease about the surgery. He does a large volume of valve surgeries each day and each week and I wanted the guy who has a lot of these procedures under his belt.”

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